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After we began working, we have gotten so much information to people.
Situation because it links the source of information is always changing,
please be aware of when such information was issued. 

■ South East Soma City earthquake-related information

■ FM Minamisoma disaster

■ Environmental Association Haramachi

■ for renewable energy and radiation
Have been edited for clarity the state of the lecture was a great response by Yu Tanaka Ustream.
Circumstances surrounding a nuclear accident from the earthquake, and talk of future energy
Time is clearly grouped the information I know is long.

■ Improvement of contaminated soil
Rapeseed is a project to improve the soil to plant it.
Also include a purifying effect on the other sunflower, rape after taking the radioactive material is
Yes you can simply discard a small portion containing the radioactive material
can be used as rapeseed oil and biofuels.

■ the risk of exposure to low doses
County officials and university faculty members who exceeded their undergraduate Fukushima,
to take safety measures against the government
It is written clearly in the organization of HP's [FGF] stood up to the recommendations

* Tsunagarou Minamisoma ! Everyone has been to take care *

■ Earth Garden

■ Atomic Cafe

■ ap bank

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