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Minami-Soma City has been damaged tremendously by the East-Japan Great Earthquake Disaster that occurred on
March 11, 2011 and a chain of grief has
begun in the city.

Many people from all over Japan have supported the hearts of citizens of
Minami-Soma. People who have accepted evacuees, people who have delivered supplies, disaster volunteers, the Self-Defense Forces,
the police, the fire stations and companies,
local civil servants, people who maintain lifelines and so on.

We are deeply grateful to everyone for sympathies, kindness and all kinds of support. We will regenerate our hometown by cooperating and connecting with each other. Pride of our hometown
will be reborn by sending information and restoring liveliness of the city.

Let’s give future to children! Let’s begin with “Thank you!” to make places
where children can come back!

                                      Tsunagarou Minamisoma !   Sudou Eiji

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