<From people who are given to people who can give>


 Around a week after the earthquake disaster, while I was watching TV news
about the people who bought up goods at evacuation areas, I accidentally remembered
a next phrase of Writer Ryotaro Shiba : “Do not place great value on your life,
but place great value just on your reputation

If life is used only for yourself, life will stop. If your life encourages someone else’s life,
life will connect with other lives.

Not only victims of the disaster but also everyone desperately lives every day.

 A goal of activities which began with a phrase: “Let’s begin with ‘Thank you!’”
is to connect with wishes and lives!

There is a life you shall not forget because there is someone who can desperately hang on for others.
Someone who has lost his or her family or friends, someone who has lost a job or a goal,
someone who scrapes a living.

Everyone has a wish and a life which connect with other wishes and lives.
Victims are not losers but the brave who have a mission that tells the opening of the new era.

 Let’s hang on together dreaming a day when you can say “Thank you” kindly someday!

                                                                                            Tsunagarou Minami-Soma!

             Eiji Sudo







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